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Eliza Garibian

For me inversionism means transforming objective reality in the subjective feelings. Inversionist paintings are showing individual’s perception of the outside world at the given moment, so it is more personal than just realistic depiction of life around us (and more interesting to me!).

When I was a child my grandmother regularly read folk tales to me. Even as a child, I particularly enjoyed the symbols used in these folk tales, therefore, when we are designing our books www.mygrandmasfairytales.com I try to integrate the illustrations of the symbolic images within each story.

I Remember - Oil on canvas (16"x20")

Two Days of My Life - Oil on canvas (16"x20")

Hourglass - Oil on canvas (12"x12")

Life as a Blink - Oil on canvas (16"x2

Midnight - Oil on canvas (11"x14")

Shepherd’s Dream - Oil on canvas (16"x20")